HOW TO PLAY kalimaat

  • The Clue Giver

    Kalimaat is played by two teams of two players. From round to round, players take turns being the Clue Giver for their team. Each card has ten Kalimaat (words), including one Islamic and one cultural word. The Clue Giver will give clues to try to get their teammates to guess the words on the Kalimaat card.

  • The Clue-Giving Rounds- Silence is a Virtue

    At the start of each round, the 60-second timer is flipped over. The Clue Giver then goes through each of the ten words, giving the best clues he or she can. Within that minute, players the Clue Givers teammates must listen carefully to see if they know- and remember the answers.

    As the Clue Giver rattles off clues, his or her teammate cannot answer them aloud. Instead, they must toss a token into the bowl to signal they know the answer. The Clue Giver can pass on word that seems to be stumping his or her team, and can later return to it if there is time remaining.

  • The End of the Round- Revealing the Answers

    After the 60-seconds are up or all the clues have a token (whichever comes first), the 30-second timer is brought out. Once it is flipped over, the team must try to remember the answers to the clues they knew. For each correct guess, the team gets one point recorded on the scorecard. The team has the entire 30-seconds to recall their answers.

  • Second Guess? Stealing Tokens!

    If at the end of 30-seconds there are any unremembered or wrong answers to clues that a token was originally tossed in for, the opposing team has the chance to steal them. The timer is started again, and they have 30-seconds to make their guesses.


    The first team to reach 15 points, wins!

  • See the How To Play video