• "We received the game on a Saturday around 11:am, I was at work and my son's were home. I received a text from my 9 yr.old telling me that they had played their first round of Kalimaat at 11:45am. By the time I got home (1:pm) there were an additional 4 boys (ages: 8-15) in my house playing the second round, laughing and crying joyfully. It's been a fantastic tool for my boys to share culture, companionship and most importantly respect for each others free agency. Another testimony I want to share is our recent escape to Lake Arrowhead Village. We arrived at the village on Tuesday afternoon and came upon the toy store there. They had an array of board games and we took the opportunity to tell the store clerk Janet about your game. She took note of your website and game name."
    Angie Castrejo (San Bernardino, CA)
  • “Its not your average game its tests your quickness and intellect, if you want to have fun and alot of laughs, explore Kalimaat!”
    Frank M. (Montreal, QC)
  • "We went on a camping trip for part of that time and took Kalimaat with us and got to play it once. Very very mixed group of ages: 5 and 8 year olds just watched...mainly it was myself with my 11 year old son against my wife and 13 year old daughter. All participants loved the concept and found it quite challenging to remember."
    Greg Fulmer (Frederick, MD)
  • "I played the game with my family and my non Muslim friends they both loved it lol the non-Muslim friends actually retained info on the Islamic/cultural words cuz they wanted to know them...yeah it was fun. i loved it!"
    Mediha Sandhu (Bayonne, NJ)
  • "Indeed an opportunity to improve one’s memory, vocabulary, and enhance communication skills. It allows for a very good mental work out. This is a wonderful game to play at home, school, work, a fun icebreaker for events and social gatherings. My family had non-stop laughs playing the game."
    Jhoanna Gorriceta (Pasadena, CA)
  • "We love your videos and the game itself came promptly and looks very professional indeed. We have played Taboo before and really enjoy that so we expect to enjoy your game too especially as it has the added challenge of using one's memory (and keeping one's mouth shut until later!)"
    Anser Rizvi (South Croydon, England)
  • "Jazak Allahu Khair for giving Aisha & Amin this ‘cool game’ (the exact words described by them). Obviously they have saw it on the internet before and it’s like dream come true for them. They wanted me to send this picture to you to express their gratitude for the gift."
    Br. Muhammad (Plano, TX)
  • "Working as a Software Engineer at Electronic Arts, I spend the majority of my day around a LOT of games. My team plays a new board game at lunch almost everyday. So when I first saw Kalimaat, I wasn't too impressed with it on the surface (the design on the box isn't really eye candy). However, when we started playing it, I was blown away... If you like the game Taboo, you will love Kalimaat, since it's a more challenging version of taboo that the whole family can enjoy!"
    Zubair Khan (EA Games) (Santa Clara, CA)
  • "We played with my non-Muslim sister a couple of games and truly enjoyed ourselves. We stretched the rules abit so our 6yo can play"
    Ponn Sabra (Hamden, CT)
  • "Alhumdulillah yeah we enjoyed the game. It was good fun though one game lasted us over half an hour rather than the 20 mins it was supposed to last! It also doesn't help when you have 5 people sitting around you shouting out words just to try and confuse you but I can't complain as the whole family joined in! Jazakallah khayr for also canceling my extra game i ordered quite quickly. InshAllah you'll have many more successful products such as this one out in future."
    Hajra Maniyar (Bately, UK)
  • "One night when my parents came to visit me, I made my mom and dad play the game even it was 3 of us.... It was fun time! Thanks, Ali, once again for a nice game!"
    Almaz Khan (Ellicott, MD )
  • "mashaallah the few times that we have played the game, it has been a lot of fun, though greatly frustrating realizing how poor our memory is! It's also fun waiting to steal some answers although we give points even if a token wasn’t placed down and we did not necessarily decide the winners based on 15 points but the total at the end (so the game could go on a little longer!)."
    Sahanara Begum (London, UK)
  • " Hey Bro, Yes we like the game very much man! We played it and had a great time. What I like about it the most is it is easy and hard at the same time and if you don't stay focused you get laughed at. haha The cards and timing devices have bright colors that keep you excited and also it is cool to toss the ships down and collect them when it is your teams turn. Also its slick how you introduce the Arabic words and concepts that we may forget from time to time. Very balanced game and quite fun to play.   I have a 17yo a 15yo a 10yo and 8yo the oldest is a girl and the rest boys. My youngest was actually the best at the game because he was the most focused on remembering the words! The ease of being able to simply guess the words is balanced by the challenge of remembering several words at once, combined with the time factor, make for a great game. I plan to play this game whenever I can with my kids and will give extra points for the cultural / religious word or phrase. Keep up the great work!!"
    Kamal Abdul-Hakim (Glendale, AZ)
  • "We have really enjoyed the game! The only thing that would have made this a bit easier to work with is a pamphlet that had the definitions of the words used, especially the Islamic and cultural ones due to those who play that don’t have any information regarding this. Basically this would allow the game to be bought as gifts for non-Muslims w/out having to have Muslims there to play the game with them to explain the wording. Again other than that it’s a great game."
    Mahdi Shirazi (Madison, AL)
  • "I just received the game .. I am so excited ..YEEEY.   You won't believe this .. But ur game is the first item I have ever bought over the internet .. LooL"
    Huda Haisan (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
  • "First of all, I have to say that Allah has blessed you with some amazing game-making skills. After you sent Kalimaat to me last week (Jazakallah for the expedited delivery again), my friends and I played it many times again and again for uninterrupted enjoyment Alhamdulillah. The game, as advertised, was really intense, really tested our memories, and provided occasional really hilarious moments. "
    AbuBakar Abid (Marietta, GA)
  • "I love Baba Ali's game: Kalimaat!...he has managed to make it educational yet full of fun and excitement...they are great for the whole family and I would highly recommend it."
    Zain Bhikha (Dubai, UAE)
  • “I finally got round to playing it ... It's pure genius! :) I was playing with family and they all loved it! It was genuinely entertaining and also led to a conversation about the muhadditheen and their criteria for accepting Hadith in their compilations etc ...I have no qualms whatsoever- maa shaa Allah, I totally understand your excitement - it's a great game :)”
    Shaheda P. (London, UK)
  • "I started playing the game and before you know it hours have passed and I am still playing game as it is very fun to play."
    Hassan Sultan. (Tampa, FL)
  • "I thougth the game was ALLOT of fun being able to play with family and especially my mom who we played with in URDU!!! How amazing is that !! A game which is FUN and exciting any language you play in !"
    Yawer Atiq (Edmonton, Canada)
  • "I don't know what's more fun, trying to remember the words to beat the competition or laughing at each other doing it."
    Sammy Ahmed. (Orange County, CA)
  • "Kalimaat is a great family game that's fun and educational.  Every Muslim family should have a game at home like this that they can play and build bonds rather than watch TV or do something unproductive."
    Jaweed Bari. (San Jose, CA)
  • "I must say that Kalimaat! is the most fun I've had in a non-physical sport game. The fact that is exercises the memory in such an intense, exciting, highly-social way is both outrageous and remarkable at the same time. Ever since I played the first round, I've been hooked and have been anxiously awaiting for the official release of the game (no joke). It'll be a LOT of fun inshAllah!
    Belal Khan. (Paramus, NJ)
  • "Kalimaat is a great game in that it challenges you, with an urgency to use your creativity on the spot, not to just to elicit the right answers from your partner, but to also remember all the words that you've figured out.  Added to it all, that everything is time-sensitive, the game creates an excitement and intensity which really brings life to a gathering.  I really enjoyed playing it, and with the incorporation of Islamic terminology, what more can you really ask for in a game?"
    Adnan Yamani. (Irvine, CA)

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